Ethnoecology Database
of the Greater Southwest
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*Please read this senior seminar paper for an in-depth discussion of the implications of the Ethnoecology database.

- view information about cultures of the Southwest
- search by species name
- view culture / plant inspired art, music, songs, etc. - search for plants by their common names
- search for literature and bibliographic information pertaining to Ethnobotany
- search through the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Southwest
- find out about authors, and other resourceful people of the Southwest - search for plant related insects, pollinators and pathogens
- read, listen, or view interviews with people of the Southwest
- search through the Herbarium listings at the Center for Southwest Studies
- search for organizations associated with ethnobotany in the Southwest - search for known medicinal activities
- Search for natural dyes and fibers made from plants
- search for a phytochemical or nutrient
- search for plants by use - view images of plants, people, art and more

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