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Seeding Furrows


Everybody gather together. Let's strategize the planting of a forest...


Collect seeds of many different trees. Plants of many sizes, shapes and functions.


Make a rich soil mixture of worm compost, coconut husk fiber, black cinder, crushed coral, ashes from a fire and an inoculum of indigenous micro-organisms collected from a nearby healthy forest.


Calculate the area of the site, density and diversity of the species. Count out the seeds and create mixtures of different plants with complimentary attributes.


Nature's way is abundance.


The seeds are mixed with soil.


The final mixture is ready for planting in furrows.


A depression of parched earth.


In the coastal desert of Peru people make downward spiraling depresions that create microhabitat and capture moisture.


Furrows 6-18" deep are dug around the perimeter of existing trees to build upon their established microclimate.


The furrows dug on contour slow and capture water.


Clean out the furrow and grab some seed mixture.


Sprinkle the seed/soil mixture into the bottom of the furrow and partially back fill the furrow to cover the seeds. Best to cover the area with a light mulch to protect from birds and desication.


Pray for rain!




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