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Restoration Earth - Durango, CO

This is a photographic record of the process of cleaning up 6 acres along the Rio Animas. The site is found along the eastern river bank of the Animas Valley just north of Durango, Colorado.

The site has an incredible abundance of water surrounding all four boundaries. The eastern boundary runs parallel to the mother irrigation ditch that feeds Durango and the local farm lands. The northern boundary has a spillway where excess water is shed from the ditch and reunited with the river. The Animas River runs along the western border and an irrigation pipe siphons water from the ditch and carries it along the southern border meeting back up again with the river below.

Formerly forest, converted to pasture and most recently to fruit orchard. Some of the goals of this project were: 1) to clean up debris from the land and creatively convert it to useful resources 2) to maximize the full use of the available water 3) reforest the land 4) establish a residence in harmony with the land that integrates appropriate design, materials, and clean energy technology 5) Propagate and redistribute the native flora to the rest of the community.

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