Integrated Living Systems Design LLC
Soil to Soul

Waimea, HI

This site is located on the dry side of Waimea, Island of Hawaii. The site has well established windbreaks of Ironwood and False Olive. Several small studios are placed within the windbreak protection zones. Large succulents (Furcrae sp.) were established in the understory of the windbreaks to act as barriers to fire and animals. Imadiately around the studios are food plants like mango, papaya, banana, citrus, taro, corn and pigeon peas. The windbreaks are pruned periodically, creating wood chips used as mulch around the fruit trees. The greywater from the studios is run out in underground pipes with outlets in proximity to the fruit trees. This system replaces lawn maintenance with food harvesting and mulching while creating a more comfortable environment.



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Neil Logan
PO Box 551754
Kapa'au, HI 96755



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